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Regular version of the site
The Soviet Forestry Industry in the 1950s and 1960s: A Project of Modernization and Technology Transfer from Finland

Kochetkova E. A.

Iss. 52: Economic and social history. Helsinki: University of Helsinki, 2017.

Mastering the Arctic marine environment: organizational practices of Pomor hunting expeditions to Svalbard (Spitsbergen) in the eighteenth century

Dadykina Margarita, Kraikovski Alexei, Lajus Julia.

Acta Borealia. 2017. No. 1. P. 50-69.

Book chapter
Living on the river over the year: The significance of the Neva to Imperial St. Petersburg

Kraikovski Alexei, Lajus J.

In bk.: Rivers Lost – Rivers Regained? How cities use, abuse and adore their rivers. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press, 2017. P. 235-254.

Working paper
Regimes of the Russian–Swedish border in the Novgorod Lands

Selin A. A., Kukushkin K., Sablin I. et al.

Humanities. HUM. Basic Research Programme, 2017. No. 149.

Conferences and seminars

June 9-10, 2017. Joint workshop of "Ab Imperio" Journal and the Center for Historical Research with support from the Fund for Support for Liberal Arts "Imperial revolution of 1917: Post-Imperial Imaginaries and Revolutionary Politics in the Context of Diversity"

June 7, 2017. Joint workshop Center for Historical Research and Global History Group (University of Copenhagen) with the support of the Danish Cultural Institute in Russia "Contested Global History"

November, 26-28, 2015. International Conference “Natural Resources, Landscape and Climate in History of Russia and Neighbouring Countries”

June, 5-11, 2015. Summer school “Comparative Studies of Power and Diversity in Historic Empires”

June, 4-6, 2015. International Conference "Federalism, Regionalism, and Autonomism as Alternative Political Imaginaries of Post-Imperial Political Order"
1–4, 2014.
The First History Student Conference of Higher School of Economics "From Huge Comparisons to Thick Descriptions: Historical Research and Interpretation".
March, 28–29, 2014.
International conference "A Usable Past: Applied and Interdisciplinary History”

October, 24–25, 2013. International Research Seminar “Historical Biographies in the context of  Regional and Imperial borders of Northern Europe”

May, 27−28, 2013. International workshop "When Postcolonial Meets Postimperial: Sovereignty, Politics of Difference, and Composite Society in Comparative Perspectives"

November, 21– 22, 2012.  International round table "The borders, cross-border communication and mobility in the Baltic region of Europe. Past and Present ".  

September 5, 2012. International workshop "The circulation of knowledge in a divided world: attraction, confrontation, cooperation, expert communities during the Cold War." 

August, 30–31, 2012. I nternational workshop "The history of the study and management of natural resources: society, nature, technology and the State."